Focus on selling and get rejected…


Focus on adding value and you’ll get conversions!

Lead generation is the process of turning a prospect into a lead. A marketer’s main objective is to attract a stranger, make them interested in your product/service and then nurture them until they decide to buy from you. Ideally you’d also want them to love their experience with your product or service and in turn share your business with their friends.

Most lead generation projects fail to produce results due to 3 main mistakes:

  1. The content is boring
  2. The landing page is badly designed
  3. The follow-through isn’t good enough

In other words, the problem lies in the strategy.

To develop an effective marketing strategy, start by answering these 3 questions:

  1. Who’s your ideal audience?
  2. How will you attract and convert this audience?
  3. What’s your lead magnet to draw people in?

Visualising your audience with a detailed persona allows you to understand your potential reader and user, and helps you align your overall topic to that specific person. This will be really important when you try to ‘attract’ this audience to your landing page.

Now that you’ve identified who you’re targeting and what your topic is, the final step is to choose the right type of lead magnet for your project. Think video content, social media content, blogs posts and infographics.

After all this hard work don’t just send people to your home page, create a landing page with your specific message on there and clear instructions on what to do next. Use infographics to attractively carry your message, don’t use just text. You’ll also be able to gather the stats on that page and discover your conversion rates.

Every business is different, so you should always experiment to find out what works best for your industry. Don’t just take our word for it! We’re happy to help you further on the subject 😉