The right way to design a logo for your business

Logo design

The answer to this statement depends on a few things which we’ll discuss here.

Choosing the right designer can be daunting. Do I go to a big design group or do I go to a freelancer? The large design groups will specialise in brand development and their costs will reflect this. A freelancer is just one person and their costs will be more affordable, the downside is you may not get the results you want from working with one person.

The answer is somewhere in between is the best option is a small team of creatives will ensure a well designed logo.

Before you speak to a designer take some time to think about your objectives. Who is my audience? How to you want your branding to viewed? What is your message?

Always tell a designer about other logos you like, this is useful feedback, but never attempt to copy or rip off someone else’s logo, you could get into hot water. It’s worth saying a good designer would never agree to this anyway.

Your designer will produce concepts and ideas based on the answers to the above questions. Colours and typefaces will be explored. How your logo acts in black and white will need to be discovered. Many designers don’t explore alternatives and will supply 1 or 2 designs, we always explore options and don’t stop after the first design is supplied.

Your logo should be supplied in various formats. I can’t tell you how many clients come to us and don’t have the master file of their logo! As a minimum the designer should supply an EPS file. We supply all file formats and reversed options too. We can also create brand guidelines.

We’d be very happy to chat with you further about the logo design process. Please contact us.