Does my site need an SSL Certificate?


If your website has forms, login fields or any other sections or pages where data is added then YES your site needs an SSL Certificate. You’re running out of time to avoid Google Chrome marking them as not secure. Contact Deb today to discuss this issue.

Google has already been marking non-https websites that require credit card details or passwords as not secure for some time now. The latest move is a further attempt to encourage website owners to embrace user security.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used with HTTPS versions of websites for the encryption of sensitive data. When data is passed between a website and the user, the SSL connection is established before any information is sent. The certificate encrypts any data being passed, protecting it from corruption during transfer. This is something that all users of your website have a right to expect. Google clearly thinks so!

HTTPS – HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is a language used for passing information between clients and webservers. The ‘S’ addition to HTTP means that users will benefit from a secure connection whilst inputting private data. This clearly shows users that the website they’re visiting can’t guarantee the safe passage of personal information.

Any businesses due to be affected by the change have more reason to ensure they move their site to HTTPS.